Search Results LLC Announces New Release of Web Portal

February 20th, 2013

Search Results LLC Announces New Release of Web Portal now features the fresh release of its web portal following several performance enhancements., the brand new search engine from Minneapolis, MN based Search Results, LLC, is now showcasing its new web portal. This latest release features a new look, improved search algorithm and also benefits from further security safeguarding.


Steve Wise, one of the founders of Search Results LLC, and company spokesperson for, gave further details of the web portal.


“We are excited to announce the new release of the web portal. After extensive beta testing and trial consultations, we have made several major performance enhancements.”


When prompted to explain how the new release differs from previous versions of the web portal, Wise went on to describe in greater detail some of the changes made.


“Most noticeably is the new streamlined appearance. We really believe in the adage “simple is better” and decided on a clean, uncluttered look for the new release. We want the main focus to be on search results without the distraction of over-complicated interfaces that plague some of our competitors’ web portals.”


He continued, “The second big change concerns the search algorithm. Users can now enjoy more comprehensive search results, sourced from all of the major search engines.”


Wise spoke of the practical ways in which users can benefit from these technical improvements.


“Users will reap the benefits of these changes to the My Search Results toolbar by experiencing greater convenience, choice and breadth of information. It’s like getting all of the search results from many different search engines, without the hassle of having to visit different websites.”


Online security is an important factor for many internet users. Wise was keen to point out some security features of My Search Results.


“We have made 100% sure that all components of and the My Search Results toolbar are free of malware, spyware, viruses and browser hijacker threats. We are proud to have been rated as ‘safe’ by major internet security scans and are confident that we will continue to pass further tests with flying colors.”


To try the new release of the search portal, visit

– February 20, 2013

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