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April 12th, 2011

New logo Release

Search Results has officially released its new corporate wide logo for its search platform The new logo is a very clean redesign of the previous logo . The soft green and grey colors continue with our philosophy of creating Internet search tools that provide real value to users without being distracting.

About Search Results

Search Results delivers in-line search capabilities to internet users around the world. The innovative DefaultTab™ Search Bar allows a user to quickly perform an Internet search from any search page from a choice of search engines. The dynamic configuration and updating capabilities of the DefaultTab™ Search Bar have made Search Results a standout in the search monetization space.


With Search Results, software publishers can monetize their software downloads and installations by bundling DefaultTab™ Search Bar with their software installations. Since the DefaultTab™ Search Bar is non-intrusive and does not detract from a software publishers underlying brand, Search Results is able to provide a true monetization platform for brand-sensitive software publishers. Join the Search Results Network at Search Results is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

– April 12, 2011

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