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July 10th, 2013

We wanted to design a toolbar that revolutionized how people got their information on the web.  An optimal Internet experience is what we envisioned, and our DefaultTab™ Search Bar is what we came up with.  By collating major search engines into one central portal, users can access the most relevant searches on a simple interface that launches a thousand accurate results at once.


The My Search Results Search Bar is add-on software that runs in conjunction with search engines.  It offers a far more powerful experience when looking up news, photos, and certain key words or keyphrases, yielding faster results by channeling a variety of different resources.


Type in a query and only the most relevant results from the most relevant search engines appear. The program differs from others in that results directly reflect the desired information sought, instead of gratuitous filter that still makes its way into the most sophisticated of search engines.


My Search Results wanted to give people a tool that would enhance their web surfing experience.  We removed all of the distracting and unnecessary “extras,” and created a simple yet revolutionary design interface that allowed users to focus on finding and discovering information in a format that inspires them to continue searching.  Now, web surfers can create a homepage with just one click, set up a default search bar, designate new tab preferences, customize bookmarking, manage history lists, and personalize other options to make things faster and easier through one enhanced yet uniquely simplified tool.

Customized features make the experience that much more rewarding, allowing people to program the tool in whatever way best fits their individual preferences and needs.  Notably, users from all over the world can access their own queries through the My Search Results Toolbar, as the program features 20 different languages for an increasingly global market.


In the search monetization space, our DefaultTab™ Search Bar’s dynamic configuration and updating capabilities have become a favorite among software publishers; whose downloads and installations are easily bundled, and whose brand sensitivity is safe in the non-intrusive Search Bar, which does not detract from a software publisher’s underlying brand.
Meanwhile, users conduct research on any given search page from any chosen search engine without slowing down a browser or compromising the efficiency of a computer.  Some toolbars are equipped with software that can cause unnecessary clutter in a browser, or even cause damage through conflicting variables between opposing software programs.

The My Search Results Search Bar was designed in such a way that browsers are able to run at peak levels without affecting the computer operating system or its efficiency.  And the program itself has been tested for spyware, malware, and other potentially harmful viruses and threats through some of the most trusted Internet security companies in the world, including MacAfee, Virus Tool, Sucuri, and Symantec.

– July 10, 2013

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