is Launched By Search Results, LLC

May 15th, 2012 is Launched By Minneapolis, MN Based Company, Search Results, LLC, a brand new internet search engine, is now up and running with full capabilities including its innovative DefaultTab™ Search Bar.

Search Results, LLC, the Minneapolis, MN headquartered web company, has launched a brand new internet search portal called A review of the site revealed a toolbar featuring language support in English, Spanish, German, and Italian, plus results for News and Images. A customer support facility was also noted, detailing an FAQ and useful ‘Tips and Tricks’ for using the portal.


Search Results, LLC is a Minneapolis, MN based company, founded by a circle of internet technology experts, software distributors and application managers. Steve Wise, one of the founders and the company spokesperson, commented on the launch of My Search Results.


“We are delighted to announce that MySearchResults.Com is now live and running 100% malware free and spyware free according to Virus Total and the major 42 search engines. This day marks the culmination of our goal, which was to find a simple and intuitive way to access the major search engines and retrieve search results within a sleek, user-friendly interface.”


When asked to provide details of how MySearchResults differs from other major search engines Wise made further delineations.


“MySearchResults looked at all of the tools currently available and decided we could do better. What sets us apart from the others is our DefaultTab™ Search Bar, a search tool that is revolutionary in its simplicity while being powerful beyond its compactness. Our technology breaks the mold of most search tools by not including all of the “extras” that crowd browsers and cause annoyance.”
He continued, “When you try the DefaultTab™ Search Bar you will quickly see the convenience and speed it brings to searching the Internet.”


The company’s DefaultTab™ Search Tab delivers dynamic configuration and offers updating capabilities, allowing software publishers full monetization of downloads and installations when the DefaultTab™ Search Bar is bundled with branded software. According to its creators, the DefaultTab™ Search Bar remains non-intrusive and can provide increased brand potency for software publishers.


The web address for the search engine is Via this page, publishers can also submit distribution requests for the DefaultTab™ Search Bar.

– May 15, 2015

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