July 10th, 2013

In a world where information fuels millions of lives, we find accuracy to be of inestimable value.


Over the last decade, most people have retrieved their information through a vast network of algorithmic guidelines set in place by major search engines.  At times, search engine results fell short of user expectations, leaving them sifting through page upon page of data before finding accurate results related to the information they were seeking.  When we looked at the tools available, we felt things should be better.  When we brainstormed ideas and gauged the expertise of our team, we knew things could and would be better.


My Search Results was founded by a group of specialists in Internet technologies, software distribution, and application management.  Since its inception, the primary goal of My Search Results has been to retrieve the most relevant search results possible from major search engines.  What we came up with is a search tool designed with simplicity in mind, and yet provides the most accurate and relevant search results users demand.


Our DefaultTab™ Search Bar takes all of the major search engine results and collates them into one single portal.  It has a revolutionary design interface and customizable features that makes web browsing faster and easier.  The interface is accessible from any open browser, and works in conjunction with any search engine chosen.


We stripped away unnecessary “extras” that overcrowd windows and slow down browser speeds, integrating more unobtrusive features like the creation of a homepage in just one click, easy bookmarking of favorite pages, swift history list management, and a selection of up to 20 different languages – all enabling users to not only find the information they need, but that encourages further discoveries through a more human-friendly Internet experience.


Today, monetization space has become a highly valuable forum for both end-users as well as software publishers.  The DefaultTab™ Search Bar allows publishers to monetize their software downloads and installations by bundling their products right into our technology.  And since the DefaultTab™ Search Bar is non-intrusive and does not detract from a software publishers underlying brand, My Search Results is able to provide a true monetization platform for brand-sensitive software publishers around the globe.


In addition, the My Search Results DefaultTab™ Search Bar went through rigorous testing for malware, spyware, viruses and security threats, and received approval ratings by such noteworthy Internet safety companies as MacAfee, Symantec, Virus Tool, and Sucuri.


Instantaneous information has become a standard, but oftentimes the results can fall short of the accuracy we set out to find.  With improved performance, revolutionary enhancements, and human-friendly products designed for the everyday surfer, My Search Results brings information back to the forefront of an Internet experience created by users like you.

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