About Us


Search Results was founded by a group of experts in Internet technologies, software distribution and application management. Our goal was to find a simple and intuitive way to access the major search engines and retrieve search results. We looked at all of the tools currently available and decided that we could do better.


What we came up with is a search tool that is revolutionary in its simplicity, yet provides the search results users demand. Our technology breaks the mold of most search tools by not including all of the “extras” that crowd your browser and are very annoying to use.   When you try the DefaultTab™ Search Bar you will quickly see the convenience and speed it brings to searching the Internet.


The success of the DefaultTab™ Search Bar has allowed our company to grow rapidly as we add users and new distribution partners from around the world.



Search Results works with leading software publishers to distribute the DefaultTab™ Search Bar. If you are interested in working with us please visit our contact page.